Bag O' Nails - Barcelona vs Liverpool

May 06, 2019

On Wednesday the 1st of May Bag O' Nails asked me to come along to snap up the atmosphere and some of the crowd while watching the tense champions league semi final of Barcelona vs Liverpool.

This was a different type of photography that I've never tried before, usually I'm used to shooting the main subjects at an event or the bride and groom at a wedding. Luckily enough it was very similar to candid or street photography, that of which I've had some experience in before. And really do enjoying doing from time to time.

The tricky aspect in this event was having to be prepared for anything that could happen. Your subjects are people that are watching an event that is unscripted and completely unpredictable. Thankfully with Kieran from Bag O' Nails inviting me along for a very specific clash of two teams, there was always going to be plenty of goals.

I kicked off the evening working with the Sony Vario 24-70mm f/4 lens, however as the light outside dulled down a bit I found myself switching to the Sony 85mm f/1.8. This allowed me to get a bit closer in with people without being too invasive and allowed the faster lens to capture more light.

From the first goal, to Liverpool hitting the woodwork and finally Lionel Messi hitting that incredible free kick. Capturing the emotions and anxiousness of the crowd was extremely enjoyable and I definitely will be looking forward to doing this again!

Checkout more images below!