Welcome to my new website

April 06, 2019

A new year a new website.

Over the past year of doing photography on the side from my main career as a Front End Web Developer I decided that my website was in need of a refreshed look with a broader range of examples of my work. You can now find all of that over in the photography section. All of these images are my most recent endeavours.

As well as this I've now also included a video section as a part of my work, currently I've only done a couple of small jobs, however I'm hoping to delve a bit further into this as well as photography.

Currently I've removed any prints available to buy and my free presets download as I'm not sure if they are needed any more. However in the future there may be a limited range of prints I have available to buy.

And finally in case you didn't notice (as we're already in this section), I now have a blog! Within here I hope to write up about projects with a full gallery and highlights relating back to the day. This may just be a story from a wedding over a weekend or it could be something I write up after being out tackling a specific subject for the first time and writing up what I learned on that day.